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Justin Hawkins - Branch Manager
Years Experience: 19 Years

I have worked in the travel industry for the last 19 years, Working for an independent travel agency like the Travel House we have the freedom to book with a large variety and number of tour operators allowing us the ability to create your perfect tailor-made holiday.

Over the years I have been extremely fortunate enough to travel to many long-haul destinations. I've walked on the Great Wall of China, watched the sunrise over Angkor Wat Temple in Cambodia, cruised through Ha Long Bay in Vietnam, climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge, flown in a helicopter over the Golden Gate Bridge, visited Inca ruins in the Mexican jungle, snorkelled on the Great Barrier Reef, and watched the sunset over the Grand Canyon. Every experience has been amazing.

I would love the opportunity to create a unique tailor-made holiday just for you, so you may experience some of these wonderful places too.

Liz Davies
Years Experience: 20 Years

I have worked in travel for more than 20 years and still find it as enjoyable and interesting as ever.

I have travelled twice to Australia both to Sydney and Perth, visiting Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai as stopovers. I love to sightsee and have visited the Pyramids and the Valley of the Kings, Petra in Jordan, Rome, Pearl Harbour and have swum on the Great Barrier Reef.


Christopher Allen
Years Experience: 10 Years

I have worked for the Travel House for 10 years and have first hand knowledge of many destinations from Disneyland Paris to South Africa, beach and cities. I have been fortunate enough to travel to many cities in the United States of America, which include New York, Las Vegas, Chicago, Boston, New Orleans, Washington. Other cities I have travelled to are Prague, Poland, Dublin, Berlin, Amsterdam many of which I have visited during the Christmas period for the Markets. I am also a huge theatre/ musical fan and have seen most productions.